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Supporting Dads | Father Hunger - How Father Absence Impacts Our Youth

Mother and Child

Get the scoop on a new movie featuring Samuel L. Jackson (one of my favorite actors). Samuel L. Jackson discusses the complex issues of fatherhood, race, divorce. Despite the fact that the media spreads a bunch of incorrect messages about the fatherhood issue, get the facts here at RFFDads and our partner sites.

Mother and child is no simple issue and that is why it is important to learn the truth. There are mothers who want the dads to be involved, mothers who don’t want to have the dad involved, mothers who want the monetary commitment only, and mothers who say they want the father involved. At the end of the day, complex decisions are being made that severely impact a life.

Leave a comment and connect with others. Until next time enjoy the interview and the movie clip.

Do you Believe in Abortion?


Why is it that so many men have aborted their children although the mothers have not aborted the child? Maybe it was a bad relationship, one nightstand, etc. that created a new life. Regardless to the situation, a child needs their father. I know there can be many issues surrounding those situations. The bottom line, there is a life involved and YOU are responsible.

Sometimes we have to let go of our ego for the child that we bought into this world. That child did not ask to be bought into this world. Little boys need their fathers to learn how to be a man. Just as important, little girls need their fathers to learn how a man is supposed to be a man. If you want to learn more about the impacts of fathers aborting their children, read the extensive report about the absent father in the home. Cost of the Absentee Father

Don’t let your children down. Everyone wants to be on a winning team. Commit today to help your children win. Think of all the situations in life that a child goes through:


Just to name a few of the life event a dad should enjoy with their kid
  • First crawl
  • First walk
  • First tooth
  • Riding a bike
  • Playing
  • Running
  • Throwing a ball
  • Loosing their 1st tooth First day of school
  • Learning to read
  • First sporting event – swimming, football, basketball, cheerleading, etc.
  • father-daughter dance or father-son day out(fishing, camping, etc.)
  • First date
  • First job Graduation
  • First Drive
  • High School Graduation
  • College
  • College Graduation
  • Wedding

Will you be there for your kids or have you Aborted your children? Ask yourself if you are being the man and dad that you really want to be or always thought you would be. Contact RffDads today!

Are you a Championship Dad? Great, support another dad.


Do you consider yourself a championship dad?  Great, have you helped another dad to reach champioship status with his children.  There are many fathers who are on the sidelines watching the game or in the stands as a spectator in the game of life and being a dad.  If you are in the stands, it is time for action.  Your child is here get on the field and get in the game. 

If you are a winning dad, I applaud you.  The Championship dad has to take on a new role and take a stand for our kids.  If we don’t voice our opinion and get all dads involved, can you imagine what this world will be like for our future generations.  I have two young daughters and I cannot imagine what life will be like for my girls if the world continues at the pace we are going.  Lets get on the battlefield and fight together to win for our children.

I challenge you to signup for the dad’s newsletter and read the latest reports on Fatherhood.  I was impacted greatly by what I read and knew I had to get involved.  Our kids are suffering.

Have you spent time with your kid today?


Have you spent time with your kids today?  Think about how much time your kids spend in daycare, at school, etc.  Who is really raising our children?  It is a fact that someone else is raising your kids if they are in school all day or daycare.  What can you do about it? 

Make a decision to spend quantity of time with your kids each day.  It is not quality time that really matters.  It is quantity of time.  Sit down look at your schedule and determine how much time each day you can spend with your children.  Read to your child each day, work on a puzzle, play a game, or just have some time alone.

Take time out have fun with your kids today! You must make a deposit in your kids on a daily basis to help them be the best they can be. What was your investment today?

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