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Championship Dad | Father Hunger - How Father Absence Impacts Our Youth

Are You Preparing Your Children for Success or Failure?


Having a child is one of the biggest responsibilities we have in our lifetime. Along with the responsibility comes many choices. As dads, it is our responsibility to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure our children have the opportunity to succeed. If we don’t take our responsibility seriously, we set our kids up for failure. You may be a great dad and I applaud you but if you know you are not doing everything to set your kid up for success, it is never too late. Act Today!

How do you end Father Hunger? One child at a time is how. 1 out of 3 children will go to bed tonight without their fathers. Contact Us today and find out how you can get involved to end father hunger.

Educating Dads


Any man can be a Father but it takes a real man to be a Dad. How did you learn to be a Dad? We learn the majority of things from the things we see, books we read, and people we meet. Have you had good role models in your life to teach you how to be a Dad? Often times, if we have a bad example that we see, we repeat the same behavior when it comes to Fatherhood, substance abuse, etc.

Sometimes a man decides the example he had was not his idea of the role a father should play. When this happens, a conscious decision is made to break the cycle of incorrect behavior and to raise a family the best he can.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Dad? This is what Reunite Fatherhood Families, Inc. is all about. We have to educate men on their critical role in the family. Too many fathers are being selfish and not accepting the commitment and sacrifice that comes along with fathering a child.

Are you doing enough? Once I educated myself through the father facts as provided in the free report at www.rffdads.org when you signup for the newsletter. I realized I could do more. Someone once told me that whoever came up with quality time was not telling the truth. It is not quality time that counts, it is the quantity of time that really counts. The more time you spend with a child the better. Our children don’t want our stuff, our children want our time. For example:

  • Are you eating dinner with your children?
  • Are you spending one on one time with your children?
  • Are you reading to your children?
  • When is the last time you told your children that you love them?
  • When is the last time you encourage your child?


Signup for our free Dads newsletter today and we will keep you informed of webinars and education opportunities provided by RFFDads or any of our partner sites.

Its The Small Things That Count

African American Student

What is it that your kids want most for you? Is it your money? No, the most important thing your kids want from you is your time. Your time is so important to a child. The one thing we never seem to have enough of is what our kids are starving for.

We all have 24 hours in a day. Why is it that some fathers find the time to spend with their kids while others do not? Education is the key to understanding the importance of time to your kids. Read the following article to learn more about the importance of time to your kids.


Work Family Balance – reality or myth?


We have all heard the term work family balance before. Most companies and corporations have adopted the terminolgy of a work family balance or a family friendly work environment. Exactly what is that? I spent my last 15 years working for one corporation and I have no clue what work family balance means. Deadlines and projects are always a heavier balance.

Is 2 – 3 weeks of vacation really a balance? What about the other 49 – 50 weeks of the year? In this case, I would say that work family balance is a myth. Family leave Act and other laws have done very little to provide more balance in Americas families. Companies are expecting more from its workers in this economy were staff reductions have taken place and people are afraid of losing their jobs. What about your family? It is important to schedule time each day to spend with your kids.

Eat Dinner with your kids.

Read to your kids.

Make a call to your kids.

Have play time with your kids.

When your day is over, can you say you have done all you can do for your kids today! Remember you can never recover those precious moments you have lost but you can make a difference everyday from this point forward.

learn more about work family balance

Are you a Championship Dad? Great, support another dad.


Do you consider yourself a championship dad?  Great, have you helped another dad to reach champioship status with his children.  There are many fathers who are on the sidelines watching the game or in the stands as a spectator in the game of life and being a dad.  If you are in the stands, it is time for action.  Your child is here get on the field and get in the game. 

If you are a winning dad, I applaud you.  The Championship dad has to take on a new role and take a stand for our kids.  If we don’t voice our opinion and get all dads involved, can you imagine what this world will be like for our future generations.  I have two young daughters and I cannot imagine what life will be like for my girls if the world continues at the pace we are going.  Lets get on the battlefield and fight together to win for our children.

I challenge you to signup for the dad’s newsletter and read the latest reports on Fatherhood.  I was impacted greatly by what I read and knew I had to get involved.  Our kids are suffering.

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