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For Mom | Father Hunger - How Father Absence Impacts Our Youth

Is it his child?


Ladies, if you are in a relationship with a man that has a kid with another female, make sure he is handling his responsibility.  It is so important for a dad to take care of his own DNA.  How can he deny his own blood?  If a man is not sure, go get a DNA test immediately.  Why wait?  There is a life at stake.

Also, don’t even think about having a child with someone who is already denying his own blood.  That disregard for life may be a pattern that you may find yourself experiencing.  You may not like the other woman but that is not the important factor.  Think about that child that needs the support of their dad.

Ladies before you risk the opportunity of having a child with anyone, talk to that man and find out his take on being a father.  Ask about his relationship with his father.  You need to look for signs of repeating a cycle.  Sometimes a person is scared of responsibility and may run.  Is there a history of running from problems?

This is real life and it is time for us all to take a stand and stop allowing people to play with a life.  Enjoy the video!

Mother and Child

Get the scoop on a new movie featuring Samuel L. Jackson (one of my favorite actors). Samuel L. Jackson discusses the complex issues of fatherhood, race, divorce. Despite the fact that the media spreads a bunch of incorrect messages about the fatherhood issue, get the facts here at RFFDads and our partner sites.

Mother and child is no simple issue and that is why it is important to learn the truth. There are mothers who want the dads to be involved, mothers who don’t want to have the dad involved, mothers who want the monetary commitment only, and mothers who say they want the father involved. At the end of the day, complex decisions are being made that severely impact a life.

Leave a comment and connect with others. Until next time enjoy the interview and the movie clip.

Are you a Gatekeeper?


Often times, in a relationship between a mothers and fathers, the mother serves as a gatekeeper to determine how involved the father is in the childs life.  While this is not the only barrier, this can create a very challenging situation for a father who wants to be involved in their childs life.  Of course, the father has to take initiative to be involved in the childs life.  See the article by Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal to learn more about the role of the gatekeeper in a childs life.

Read more about our National Partner and how rffDads can help you understand the Mom as a Gatekeeper and the 24/7 Dads cirriculum

I thought you were focused on dads


I thought this site was focused on dads.  You are right!  Rffdads is primarily focused on the absent father in the home.  However, in order for us to help the child, we must also make the mothers aware of the importance of the father in the home. 

As we all know, a woman cannot teach a boy to be a man but I applaud all the mothers for their hardwork to raise children into productive adults.  My own mother did a phenomenal job raising me and I respect and appreciate her so much for it.  Our kids are crying out and we have to understand why and what the kids need.  Father Hunger is a real problem.  Signup for the RffDads newsletter to learn more.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue in this area.

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