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deadbeat dad | Father Hunger - How Father Absence Impacts Our Youth

Has the World Changed Since 1991?

Be a Father to Your Child

Has the world changed since 1991?  Absolutely, but one thing is for sure.  Fatherlessness is an epidemic that has continued to rear its ugly head and has been on the increase for many years.  Whether you love Hip Hop / rap or not, this is one of my favorite songs when it comes to this subject because the lyrics are so strong.  If anyone has any other genres of music they can think of and/or great songs on the topic.  Please post your comments and I hope you enjoy the video. 

Are We Numb to What is Going On Around Us?


Did you know the average father spends only 23 minutes per day with their kids? 1

Men, our past does not have to equal our future.  Let’s step up to the plate and accept the challenge. Today is the beginning of your new future.

Our kids are crying out everyday and they need us.  Fatherhood has touched every segment of our population and never is it more evident than in music.  The next time you listen to your favorite music on the radio, take a minute and listen to the lyrics.  The pain of fatherhood is all around us.  Just quite all the noise for a moment and listen to what is going on.  Here at RFFDads, we talk about the sheep when he is lost from his mother.  Kids all around us are like lost sheep.  They are looking for the love of their fathers and no one knows what is wrong with them.

I don’t care what type of music you enjoy, take a minute and listen to the message in this song.  This is an incredible message to all fathers.


1 Resource Bureau of Labor and Statistics study in 2007

The Biggest Reason Why Men Repeat the Cycle

You really hit the nail on the head. I can definitely relate to your feelings. As a man, I wanted a son but I knew that I was going to be satisfied with 2 kids regardless of the sex of the child. I now understand why God blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters. I was not ready because of the issue you mentioned.

I have had the opportunity to mentor family members that were younger than me but I never understood why I never felt comfortable with doing it until I started learning more about fatherhood. Now I understand why and as I see, I am not alone.

Thank God I decided as a youngster to be a great dad. It is my most challenging and most rewarding job in life and I would not have it any other way. We do not have to repeat the cycle! There is a lot of hurt and lack of education that I am glad to be involved in this cause. Keep up the good work.

Originally posted as a comment; by rffdads on God’s Politics using Disqus

Father Absence and Education


Evidence of the impact of father absence can show up on report cards….and in detention.

 A seventeenth century proverb states, “One father is more than a hundred school masters.” Accordingly, it should not be surprising to learn that dads have a key role in the educational outcomes of their children. An involved, responsible, and committed father can safeguard his child from poor academic performance, disciplinary problems, and dropping out of school. Dads can also play a key role in the children’s academic success.

Do you realize that it costs $22,942 per year to house in inmate in Virginia? That is more than it cost for a child to attend a state supported college.

Father Absence and Health



  • Father presence can prevent childhood obesity.
  • Even a child’s health is tied to his or her father’s presence.
  • Dads are often responsible for the physical play and activity in a household and can help their children learn the role of exercie in physical health.
  • Father involvement also has a positive impact on maternal-child health and can even impact childhood obesity. 
  • Low birth rate and infant mortality rates increase significantly in unmarried mothers.

Why is Father Absence such a nasty problem?


 Father Absence is not a single issue. Father absence is an epidemic. Tonight, more than 24 million children are going through their day without the love and support of their biological father. Where are the dads? Why do we care at Rffdads? Children without involved, responsible, and committed fathers are being setup for failure.

What do I mean by failure? Children without a committed father suffer in areas of economic, health, educational, emotional, behavioral, and psychological well-being.

Our kids are acting out and the medication is a band-aid not the root cause of the problem. It is more important to find the source of the problem than to cover it up. There are several factors directly linked to father absence that the public needs to be aware of.

  • Father Absence and Crime
  • Father Absence and Poverty
  • Father Absence and Physical Health
  • Father Absence and Sexual Activity
  • Father Absence and Child Abuse
  • Father Absence and Education


Reference: Keider, Rose M. and Jason Field, The Living Arrangements of Children:2001, Current Population Reports, p70-104, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Census Burreau, 2005.

Finances is a Contributor to Father Hunger


Do you think the number one cause of divorce is finances?  It is an age old debate that you may find multiple answers.  Does money cause many marriages to fail?  Maybe I should research that for a future article but I do know that lack of a committed father in the home increases the likelihood that a child will grow up in poverty. 

I like you,  know of some fathers that do what they have to do to support their kids.  I applaud the fathers that are handling their responsibility.  I know that other issues arise due to child support agreements and I will definitely write about some of those issues at a later date. 

All I know is more often fathers are not in the picture financially or physically and it is setting our future generations up for failure.  If the kids are growing up in poverty, life is more challenging.  That is a life that did not ask to come into this world and costs the taxpayers a lot of money anually to fund programs for those in need. 

If you are a father and your finances are challenging, we want you to do your part to take care of your kids.  Contact RffDads and we will share with you what we can do to not only help with your day to day finances but what are you doing for your kids future.

Are You Preparing Your Children for Success or Failure?


Having a child is one of the biggest responsibilities we have in our lifetime. Along with the responsibility comes many choices. As dads, it is our responsibility to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure our children have the opportunity to succeed. If we don’t take our responsibility seriously, we set our kids up for failure. You may be a great dad and I applaud you but if you know you are not doing everything to set your kid up for success, it is never too late. Act Today!

How do you end Father Hunger? One child at a time is how. 1 out of 3 children will go to bed tonight without their fathers. Contact Us today and find out how you can get involved to end father hunger.

Educating Dads


Any man can be a Father but it takes a real man to be a Dad. How did you learn to be a Dad? We learn the majority of things from the things we see, books we read, and people we meet. Have you had good role models in your life to teach you how to be a Dad? Often times, if we have a bad example that we see, we repeat the same behavior when it comes to Fatherhood, substance abuse, etc.

Sometimes a man decides the example he had was not his idea of the role a father should play. When this happens, a conscious decision is made to break the cycle of incorrect behavior and to raise a family the best he can.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Dad? This is what Reunite Fatherhood Families, Inc. is all about. We have to educate men on their critical role in the family. Too many fathers are being selfish and not accepting the commitment and sacrifice that comes along with fathering a child.

Are you doing enough? Once I educated myself through the father facts as provided in the free report at www.rffdads.org when you signup for the newsletter. I realized I could do more. Someone once told me that whoever came up with quality time was not telling the truth. It is not quality time that counts, it is the quantity of time that really counts. The more time you spend with a child the better. Our children don’t want our stuff, our children want our time. For example:

  • Are you eating dinner with your children?
  • Are you spending one on one time with your children?
  • Are you reading to your children?
  • When is the last time you told your children that you love them?
  • When is the last time you encourage your child?


Signup for our free Dads newsletter today and we will keep you informed of webinars and education opportunities provided by RFFDads or any of our partner sites.

1 in 3 Children Will Sleep Without Their Dad Tonight


We all know that father absence is a major problem in every community. Why don’t we talk about this major problem and address the issue. Do we really understand how big a problem father absence is in our communities? At this very moment, more than 24 million children are going through their day without the love and support of their biological father. 

Imagine the emotional and psychological problems our children carry around each day.  Why are are school systems struggling with educating our students.  Too much time is spent on behavioral challenges and less on education.  You have to educate yourself on the impact of father absence so you can identify the symptoms in our children.

Just take a look at the picture above and count the kids.

1 in 3 kids without their father tonight. Wow!

References: Kreider, Rose M., and Jason Fields. The Living Arrangement of Children:2001. Current Poplulation Reports. 70 -104. Washington, D.C.:U.S. Census Bureau, 2005.

National Fatherhood Initiative, www.fatherhood.org, The Father Factor: How Fatherhood Impacts Our Youth

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